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    make looks good with hair transplant Chicago

    Hair transplantation Turkey is an outpatientsurgical procedure that removes hair follicles from donor site of the scalp, to a bald or balding part of the head known as the ‘recipient site.The procedure is primarily used to treat scalp baldness in male

    Our gifted team of Plasmamedica plastic surgeons supply a spectrum of surgical and non-surgical procedures designed to reinforce the face, body, breasts and skin. Treatment choices include:

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    Hair Transplantation

    Duration of  Stay

    3 Days

    Operation Duration

    4-8 Hours


    Local Anesthesia, Sedation

    Expected Full Result

    One Year


    Robot, Choi/DHI, Perkutan, FUE, Sapphire

    Who Can Have It?

    Both men and women

    Operation Risks

    There are not any existing risks

    Recovery Duration

    7-10 Days



    100% PAINLESS


    Years Of Experience


    Satisfied Patients


    Professional Staff


    Served Countries


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    Are the results permanent?2019-09-28T13:13:02+00:00

    Since the hair follicles that are transplanted to the balding areas are genetically resistant to going bald, they will continue to grow for a life time – just as if they had been left in the bald resistant donor area.

    Does the hair transplant procedure hurt?2018-05-01T06:47:02+00:00

    Most patients are pleasantly surprised by how minimal the discomfort from the surgical procedure is. At Plasmamedica we offer to all our patients our triple effect system to help make this procedure comfortable and virtually pain free which includes needle free anaesthesia with Comfort-In technology, local anaesthesia and Intravenous serum.

    Will my transplanted hair look like my normal hair?2018-05-01T06:46:48+00:00

    Yes, at plasmamedica we use the most advanced surgical techniques to ensure your hair transplant looks as natural as possible. When we transplant your donor hair into the recipient area we place each graft at an angle that mimics natural hair growth. As the hair we transplant is from your head once it starts to grow it will blend in naturally with the rest of your hair and will be almost undetectable.

    Will my new hair fall out?2018-05-01T06:49:55+00:00

    Once you’ve had your hair transplant it is normal for your hair to shed. You might notice some hair loss from the transplanted areas a few weeks after your treatment. This is a normal part of the hair transplant process and is nothing to worry about. After your hair has had an initial shedding it will grow back strong and healthy and remain in place.

    Is it possible to do hair transplant on top of scars or burns?2019-09-09T07:26:02+00:00

    Definitely, our expert hair restoration surgeons are specialised in helping such cases.

    Will I need to bring a companion with me to surgery?2019-09-09T07:25:05+00:00

    You can but not needed. As we are with you every step of the way.

    Is it possible to fill in eyebrows, beard or moustache with hair transplantation?2019-09-09T07:25:33+00:00

    Definitely, it has the same steps as a hair transplantation. Specific hair follicles, compatible with the eyebrow, beard or moustache structure, are selected from the donor area one by one. A detailed study is performed by using very sensitive and suitable millimetric slits, to give you’re a natural look.

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