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Hair transplantation is an outpatient surgical procedure that removes hair follicles from donor site of the scalp, to a bald or balding part of the head known as the ‘recipient site.

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As a truly multidisciplinary cosmetic surgery center within world-class, integrating health care delivery system, we strive to combine broad-based, innovative approaches with high-quality patient care.
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About Us

PlasmaMedica is the only center in Turkey that is recommended by the American cosmetic dermatology clinics. Here at PlasmaMedica we uphold the highest standards on par with the standards of our American Clinic; we have chosen the best facilities, doctors, and experts to ensure that our clients have the best medical care and the best procedure experience. All of our doctors and experts are hand picked and vetted by our American doctors based in Charming Skin Vein Clinics.

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Plastic Surgery

The facial expression area unit is among the foremost delicate, and per se needs additional care and exactitude once it involves cosmetic surgery.

Plasmamedica Hair Transplantation
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Dental Implants

Dental implants surgery came into existence in the year 1952.

Plasma Medica Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology
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Hair Transplantation

Transplant procedure is performed on an outpatient basis in the hospital. Under sterile condition, and local anesthesia the donor scalp is harvested.

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The PlasmaMedica Hair Fue Method

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100% Natural, Undetectable Results

No one will know, but you. You’ll get a fuller, thicker head of hair, without ugly hair plugs or a visible scar line.

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A Dramatically Better Approach

Other clinics may harvest donor hair by stripping skin from the back of the head. At RESTORE, you’ll get the results you want, minus the scalpel and stitches.

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Sit back, stream movies, browse the web or read a book. You’ll spend the afternoon relaxing in a posh suite while we RESTORE your hair.

PlasmaMedica Hair Transplant

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