Mostly males are observed to have pattern baldness due to hereditary or other physical or health conditions. Pattern baldness affects the top of the head and hairline in most men by the time they enter their 50s. However, nowadays, baldness is even seen in younger men due to stress or various health condition.

If you are suffering from hair loss and looking for a cut-price solution to solve your problem, Istanbul is a great destination for affordable hair transplantation. Reportedly, around 5,000 foreign patients come in search of best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul.

Why Istanbul for hair transplantation?

Hair restoration treatment in the UK is priced at £5,000 or more but average people cannot afford such expensive hair treatment. However, in Istanbul, an individual can enjoy three days stay in the city along with the hair transplant procedure for a total amount of just over £1,000.

Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul?

There are more than 300 best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. With such a large number of hair transplant clinics, this city is considered as the hair transplant capital of the world. According to the statistical data, most clients come from the Gulf and the Middle East. However, the customers in lure of a cheap-fix also come from different European countries.

It might be difficult to choose the best clinic from so many hair transplant clinics. So, we would recommend you to check the online reviews of a particular clinic and see the specialization, qualification, and experience of the hair specialist that you select.