Everything you need to know about body contouring procedures USA

If you’re planning to get the surgery to tweak or tighten your tummy, arms, thighs or buttocks, body contouring procedures USA is the best option to reshape your body.

However, like diet and exercise, it’s a process that takes careful planning and preparations. It is important to have a natural look after your surgery.

Body contouring

It is a procedure that is performed to alter or reshape the human body. The body contouring procedures USA help to eliminate or reduce the skin fat for obese individuals. The fat across different body areas like the torso, upper arms, chest, and thighs are removed using the surgical procedure. Even during dramatic weight loss or lifestyle changes, the skin and tissues often lack the elasticity to conform to the reduced body size.

What problems can excess skin cause?

Excess skin can make getting dressed a core, cause hygiene and medical problems. Chronic skin on skin contact can result in rashes and other sores that can lead to infection. Excess or sagging skin is also part of a cosmetic issue. People who have lost the excess body weight often want their bodies to reflect the new, more confident and positive image of themselves. One of the reliable ways to get rid of excess skin is through body-contouring plastic surgery.

What are the types of body contouring procedures?

Combinations of surgeries are done at the same time, as long as safety can be maintained. You can get surgery for upper body lift that includes arms, back, and breasts/chest whereas lower body lift may include surgeries for hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. Your surgeon will identify the areas to be treated.

The procedures are necessary to achieve your goals of well defined along with a plan depending on your requirements. Plastic surgery procedure that your physician recommends you are as follows:

  • Arm lift: correct sagging skin of the upper arm
  • Breast lift: correct sagging skin of the flattened breasts
  • Facelift: correct sagging of the skin mid-face, jowls, and neck
  • Lower body lifts: correct loss skin of the abdomen, buttocks, inner and outer thighs
  • Medial thigh lift: correct loss present under thighs
  • Tummy tuck: correct the excess skin hanging over the abdomen

What non-surgical body contouring procedure USA include?

It is a reconstructive procedure to restore the form and function of the body specialists like maxilla-facial surgeons, plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists who perform do reconstructive surgery on faces after trauma and for reconstructing the head and neck after cancer.

Besides, there are other branches of surgery e.g. general surgery, gynecological surgery, pediatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, and podiatric surgery, all this procedure comes under the reconstructive surgery. The common function is to carry out the operation to restore the appearance or the function of the body part to normal.

Who is a good candidate for body contouring procedure USA?

You can consult the specialist to discuss your sagging skin issue to know whether you can undergo the body contouring procedure USA. In case you desire to enhance your body appearance bring back your confidence by removing the excess skin. You can undergo cosmetic or reconstructive surgery only by consulting your specialist. Plasma Medica has the skilled surgeon to guide you about your procedure and correct age to get the surgery.

  • Adults whose weight has been stabilized
  • Individual without any medical conditions that impair healing or increase risk of the surgery
  • Non-smoker candidates
  • Interested candidates with a positive outlook and realistic goals
  • Candidates that have a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and fitness

How much body contouring cost?

The cost of the body contouring surgery the USA depends on the type of surgery you want and the body part you want to remove excess fat. The cost of the body contouring procedures also depends on his or her experience and the use of equipment and techniques.

Is body contouring procedure is insured or not?

Health insurance plans may not cover body contouring surgery or its complications, but you can consult with the surgeon to know the cost and the patient financing plans offered.

The cost of body contouring includes some charges which are indicated as follows:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Medical tests
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Surgeon’s fee

The above mentioned are the normal charges, there can be changes in them depending on the requirement for the reconstructive surgery.

What to expect before body contouring surgery Istanbul?

You should be well prepared not only physically but mentally too.

  • Surgical goals
  • Previous surgeries
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies and about the previous medical treatments
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements,
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco, and drug

Your body contouring surgery will:

  • Evaluate your health and preexisting health conditions or risk factors
  • Examine your body and detailed measurements
  • Get evidence of medical record
  • Discuss use of techniques & course of treatment
  • Also, discuss the likely outcomes of body contouring and other potential complications

Is the body contouring permanent?

The success and the safety of the body contouring procedure depend on your complete candidness during your consultation. Make sure that you ask all your queries before you undergo the treatment.

It’s very important to understand all aspects of your body contouring procedure. It’s natural to feel some anxiety, whether it’s excitement for your natural new look or a bit of preoperative stress. Don’t be shy to discuss any concerns with your surgeon.

Body contouring recovery at home

After your body contouring surgery, your surgeon will guide you about the recovering and the things to do and don’t for quick recovery. You will be instructed to avoid bending, straining or lifting for several days.the reconstructive surgery.

In case you underwent the tightening of the abdomen or thighs, your plastic surgeon may instruct you to stand fully upright. It can stress any internal sutures as they heal and while sleeping makes use of pillows elevating your knees.

To reduce the risk of blood clots in the legs, you need to be up and walking as soon as possible and also drink plenty of water and other fluid products for quick recovery at home.

What results should I expect after body contouring?

The results of body contouring following significant weight loss are visible almost immediately whereas it can take two or more years for the final results.

Body Contouring Before & After Photos

The visible scars are something you have to accept to achieve a body contour as per your new weight and proportion. The results of body contouring are long-lasting so you can maintain your stable weight and general fitness. You may lose some firmness naturally as your body ages. However, most of your improvement remains the same. The good results are expected from the body contouring procedure Istanbul by Plasma Medica in a single procedure. It can also take more procedures or another surgery to get the complete result as per your desire. You need to follow the instructions from your physician for the high success rate of your surgery.

Is Body Surgery painful?

The surgeon makes use of anesthesia to ensure that you feel no pain during treatment. During treatment, surgical incisions are often subjected to excessive force, the motion which can result in swelling or abrasion after the procedure. Most of the patient stays in the hospital for one to four nights under the supervision of the skilled doctors.

After surgery, tubes are usually placed in the wound to remove excess fluid. You may also feel bruising, soreness, pain, numbness, scars and depression. Don’t panic! You can feel relaxed and get rid of all these post-operative treatment issues with the medication instructed by your surgeon. Your doctor will give you instructions to take proper care post your treatment. It will help you recover quickly.

Most people can return to work after two to four weeks, but the individual with physically demanding jobs need to wait longer. You can consult your doctor before you get back to work.

How do I choose a plastic surgeon for a body contouring procedure Turkey?

Body contouring surgery consists of many choices. The first and foremost is selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon you can trust professionals at Plasma Medica.

Plasma Medica skilled surgeons meet rigorous standards:

We are the only center in Turkey that has been selected and monitored by the famous American cosmetic chain, Plasma Medica. We have strict criteria to select the best staff and surgeons to offer reliable results to the patient across the world. All our staff is experienced in the medical field, plus they do the procedure themselves, or they are supervised directly, along with a track record of great results.

By choosing a member of the Plasma Medica Plastic Surgeons Istanbul, you can be assured that you are choosing qualified, highly-trained plastic surgeons that are board-certified.

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