Learn how breast surgery Michigan can enhance your body contour

Women can enhance their breast size making it bigger and fuller with the help of breast implant. It can easily performed by using the latest techniques. It is either done for reconstructive purposes as well as cosmetic reasons after mastectomy for breast cancer.

Not only to increase your size of breast, you can even reduce the size, or address the uneven size and shape to get perfect body contour. The expert team of plastic surgeon at the Plasma Medica offers expertise and compassion to guide you for Breast Surgery Michigan. Our skilled professional can also handle breast reconstructive surgery for cancer patient

What is Breast Surgery?

A Breast Surgery Michigan is a medical prosthesis and is placed inside the breast to augment, reconstruct or to change the physical form of the breast. Breast Implant consists of silicon, saline, or another compound.

There are mainly two main types of breast implants:

  • Saline Implants – Saline Implant are filled using the sterile saline solution such as salt water. The solution is held in a elastomer silicone shell. Other saline solutions can also be used to fill implants. It affects the feel, shape, size and firmness of the breast. In case the saline implants gets leak, the solution will be absorbed and will be removed from body naturally.
  • Silicone gel-filled implants – It is the type of implant which consists of a shell filled with a silicone gel. If a silicone-filled implant leaks it is either collected in the shell or escape into the breast implant pocket. It may or may not lead to collapse the silicon filled implant. Patients who choose this type of implant have to consult professional doctor who can give you expert treatment. Beside, you also have to visit your surgeon for regular checkups. MRI or ultrasound can detect the condition of breast implant.

Other options available for breast implant, composite implants can be the options. It is filled with polypropylene string, soy oil, or some other material.

Why women opt for Breast implant?

There can be the reconstructive reasons or cosmetic reasons to get the breast surgery. Reconstructive breast surgery is done as a part of treatment for patients suffering from breast cancer whereas cosmetic breast surgery is done for esthetic purposes. Breast Augmentation, lift, reduction and reconstruction are part of cosmetic surgery.

Breast Surgery Michigan is done to:

  • Enlarge the size of the breast that are small in size
  • Restore the breast after surgery
  • Correct the unevenness of the breast shape
  • Improve body contour to enhance self-confidence
  • Restore the breast size and shape after weight loss pregnancy, or breastfeeding

As per research from University of Florida, 2007, it has been found that breast enlargement through various cosmetic surgeries boosts the self esteem of women and their feeling about sexuality.

Breast surgery types:

There are different categories of cosmetic breast surgery USA performed on the breasts, also known as mammoplasty.

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lifts (Mastopexy)
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Reconstruction

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is performed to boosts the appearance, size and shape of a woman’s breasts. Women normal consider breast augmentation for many different reasons such as small breast size, change in breast after pregnancy or to correct the asymmetrical breast size. It is performed by placing the implants under or above the chest muscle. All the breast augmentation procedures are minimally invasive procedures.

Breast Lifts (Mastopexy)

In some women, the skin is not strong enough to handle the weight of the breast which in results leads to the sagging breast. This condition is called ptosis, means there is excess of skin as compared to breast tissue. You can undergo for breast lift by removing the excess of skin.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure opted by the women with large, heavy breast and they feel discomfort in neck pain, back pain, and numbness or weakness. All these occur due to the weight of the breasts. During the breast surgery Istanbul the excess skin, fat and the breast tissues are removed.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is performed for those women who undergo mastectomy as a treatment for breast cancer. The procedure helps to recreate the breast with the desired appearance, contour, and volume. Even the nipple and areola can also be recreated. But if the sensory nerves or milk glands and ducts are removed no sensation and normal breast function occurs. You can get the breast reconstruction surgery at any time after mastectomy.

How can one find out which is size implant is best?

There are various ways you can detect the best breast implant size. The breasts implants are measured in cc’s or milliliters. Everyone has different body and breast size so the size of implant also varies. Your surgeon can guide you best with the size of implant you can have by measuring the preoperative breast size. Nowadays, 3D imaging is the method used to detect best implant size for women.

How long does a breast surgery Michigan procedure take?

It depends on the breast surgery type you have undergone. Breast augmentation, reduction, lifts is outpatient procedure or some select to stay overnight at hospital. Normally the procedure takes 2-3 hours by giving general anesthesia. But the women who have gone through mastectomies or lymph nodes removal treatment have to stay at the hospital for two to three days.

What to consider for breast Surgery Istanbul?

Breast of the women continues to develop until a woman reaches her late teens or early20s. You can get your breast surgery at Plasma Medica once you reach the age of 18 years. You can pick your breast implant you desire to get saline-filled implants or silicone implants.

While selecting your surgeon for your breast surgery, look for an experienced doctor. You may have fewer complications later and also need to enquire about the breast implant available. Besides, check for the techniques available for the breast surgery.

Prior your surgery you will meet your surgeon for a medical evaluation. You can discuss what you expect from the surgery, shape and the size of your breast you desire to have. You also have to quiet medication a few weeks prior you surgery for better results.

What breast implants can cost you?

The cost of the breast surgery USA varies depending on the location, doctor and the type of the implant. Even cosmetic and reconstructive surgery cost also differs depending on the type of treatment one wish to get. You can get affordable treatment from Plasma Medica Istanbul for your breast surgery Michigan.

Can I get my insurance to pay for breast implants?

Normally the cosmetic surgeries are not considered for insurance, so you have to pay from pockets. The insurance companies consider breast augmentation surgery as pre-existing condition. Women face problems to get health care coverage. As per the affordable act care prevents health insurance company deny people coverage for these conditions. However, some companies may offer insurance but they will have:

  • Higher premium charges
  • Limit the coverage won’t cover diseases of breast
  • Don’t offer overall coverage
  • Refuse to renew policies

What is the recovery time for breast surgery?

  • You have to avoid heavy lifts up to six weeks after your surgery.
  • You can feel discomfort ask doctor for pain medication.
  • Don’t panic with swelling in some of the reason, it is normal.
  • Quiet smoke before and after surgery
  • Eat healthy food for quick recovery
  • Protect yourself from sun
  • Treat your implant with care
  • Visit your surgeon if you have any feel any problem in breast

Within two weeks, you would be able to return to work depending on your profession. But before you get back to work you need to consult your doctor and discuss your work. Avoid tough activities upto 6 weeks after the treatment.

Your surgeons and care team

At Plasma Media Istanbul, plastic surgeon and care team members are expert to perform breast surgery USA treatments. All of our surgeons are skilled and certified in plastic surgery and have years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeries. Many of surgeons are also active in research regarding breast surgery to help women get self confidence back with better outcomes of their procedure.

You can consult Plasma Medica experts to discuss about breast surgery and your queries. We will your questions and help guide you to the best outcomes. We have helped ladies to improve their body contour using latest and surgical tools and techniques.

Visit Plasma Medica Turkey to learn more about the breast procedures offered and your queries. Call us at (630) 280-7449 to schedule a consultation.