In today’s time of polluted environment and lifestyle choices can affect your hair. It can lead to aggravating hair problems. Shedding about 100 hair a day or that you see in your comb, towel and pillow are considered normal. That is necessary for a normal cycle of hair growth, as hair growth comprises of 3 different phases, growth phase, resting phase and shedding phase.

The majority of hair fall issues are associated with the shedding phase and with short or absent hair growth phase. This condition mostly happens with aging in the early 30s. Find out which factors affect planning for hair transplant California to restore your hair.

hair transplant California

Factors that will help in hair transplant planning

Age-The male baldness is of the progressive type. When a person faces balding at a younger age, it is unpredictable to what extent it may annoy with time. It is difficult to say about the hair fall in the 20s or 30s. The idea to get hair transplant California will not give you expected results and one must undergo another hair transplant treatment after the late 30s.

Hereditary-The hair fall pattern is only identified by the experienced surgeon. It will help the doctor to find the pattern; the future precautions to be taken and determine which hair transplant California will be helpful for you.

Hair fall pattern-Prior to you decide about the success ratio of the treatment, it is crucial to know about transplants. Hair fall pattern helps the doctors to decide the process as per the requirement.

Psychological conditions-Indeed, some people suffer from baldness due to a psychological condition. It happens when the patient has the tendency to pull hair and leads to patchy baldness. It is known as trichotillomania. People with this medical condition are required to be cured before deciding to go for hair transplant USA. You need to discuss your medication with the expert that you consume before you opt for the hair restoration procedure. This will enable your surgeon to get information about your medical condition and help in deciding the best-suited procedure that suits you.

Who to consult?

Hair loss is a bothersome issue, but no worries. With advanced technology and scientific equipment, finding a solution is easier now. Plasma Medica offers a reliable treatment to help you fulfill your expectations for hair transplant USA.

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