Hair loss is a blow to one’s self-esteem and enhances your personality. It can occur due to any of the causes, ranging from genetic to non-genetic factors such as stress, hormonal imbalance, fungal infections or side-effect of any disease.

Since hair is an unavoidable part of your personality, it is important to give it all the care that it needs. In the time of require, a Hair Transplant Florida can be your savior. However, deciding to undergo hair restoration surgery is complex as you have to consider, ranging from the best hair transplant clinic Plasma Medica Turkey. Some of the essential factors include

Age of the candidate

Hair loss can occur at any age. At a young age, some of the people start losing their hair front while your hairline begins to mature and become slightly higher. The mature hairline is not an issue of worry because it is a part of the growing up phase.

There is no specific age to get Hair Transplant Florida, but in some cases, you may be too young for the surgeon to identify what type of hair loss pattern you’re going to experience in the future. If you get a hair restoration surgery to fill the empty spaces at a too young age, you can end up with an island of transplanted hair in the middle, as patches will keep on falling around it. These patches may look strange and artificial. And so it becomes to reverse the process. Therefore, the advisable age for hair transplant is from 20 – 27 years because it is easier for surgeons to identify balding patterns and give you a natural-looking hairline with artistic precision.

Time to Hair Transplant Florida

According to the best hair transplant surgeons, the surgery can be performed at any season. All 12 are suitable to get hair transplant surgery. The right time to undergo the procedure depends on the hair structure.

Most importantly, you have to also consider the healing process. For instance, you need to protect your head with cotton or non-snug hats in winter after 14 days after the treatment. In addition, you also need to avoid swimming and sun exposure. Despite the high-performance rate in winter, you can get the benefit of summertime because hair grows faster in summer and the renewal rate of the skin is high during the season.

Get the best hair transplant with the latest techniques at Plasma Medica Turkey to battle hair loss or baldness across the world. You can consult our expert doctors for reliable hair transplant Florida treatment with decades of experience in the field.