The major goal of surgical hair restoration is to regain hair, making your scalp look natural with voluminous hair. Follicular unit transplantation Dubai is one of the popular hair restoration techniques in which hair strands or follicular units are removed from donor regions of the scalp and further transplanted to the balding regions or recipient areas.

In this technique, the follicular units are harvested from the donor areas in the two ways:

  • The Strip Method, and
  • Strip Harvesting

Both these methods are being used since decades for creating excellent grafts for hair transplantation. Usually, the donor grafts for Follicular Unit Transplantation are removed from the back and sides of the scalp.

Who are eligible candidates for FUT?

You are an eligible candidate for the follicular unit transplantation unit Dubai if:

  • You are a male or female with hair loss
  • Your pattern baldness is genetic and following the predictable pattern
  • Your hair loss is affecting your confidence and appearance
  • You have plenty of hair on the sides and back of your scalp

Price of FUT procedure:

Follicular Unit Transplantation in Dubai with a strip harvest is affordable compared to any other hair transplant treatment. However, you pay price per graft compared to one flat fee. Other factors that affect the price of this treatment are the location of the clinic, the experience of your hair specialist, doctor’s fees, etc.

Higher Follicle Survival Rate

The best thing about Follicular Unit Transplantation Dubai is that it has a higher follicle survival rate. Therefore, it is considered a wise investment if you are suffering from male pattern baldness or rapid hair loss.

Is the result permanent?

The grafted sections that are transplanted during FUT sessions are permanent. This treatment can last a lifetime. However, you need to understand that hair transplant procedure cannot prevent pattern baldness from progressing. So, you need to take care of the non-transplanted hair on regular basis to minimize the progression of pattern hair loss.