Follicular Unit Transplantation Istanbul

You would look more beautiful and confident with follicular unit transplantation Istanbul that applies the most recent technologies to beat the problem of baldness or hair loss. So, you can have a healthy head of hair once again with increased re-growth rate, extreme hair thickness with no visible scaring. We just leave you with natural looking head of hair and a big smile on your face.

We at Plasma Medica are doing follicular unit transplantation Istanbul for years and our in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise helps to conduct the healing process more quickly and yield better quality hair follicles. Our procedure is less painful and gives you substantially attractive results.

Our physicians create small size of incisions that minimizes the chances of bleeding and speed up the healing process of newly transplanted hair follicles so you can go to work the very next day. Usually, 25% growth of newly transplanted hair appears in first three months, 50% by the end of sixth month and 100% almost at the end of the first year. However, the results vary from person to person depends on the quality and quantity of the donor’s hair.

The process of Follicular Unit Transplantation Istanbul

During follicular unit transplantation Istanbul, we ensure that the hair strip that is taken from one part of the body is removed in one piece and then transplanted to the bald area of the scalp so you do not suffer from any damage. So, you can rely on our modern technique and technology of hair treatment that is safe and result-oriented, with that you are just going to be amazed to be honest.