Hair loss and baldness are extremely stressful afflictions for men. There is no one-size-fits-all hair loss solution as it works for others. However, this blog discussion has some of the ways for hair loss prevention in Istanbul that are currently available, and how they may be beneficial for you.

The Hair Loss Prevention

Preventing baldness before it begins undoubtedly sounds like the perfect hair loss solution, but, unfortunately, not all men can have hair loss prevention in Istanbul. There are a few factors that lead to preventable types of hair loss.

  • stress
  • certain types of medicine
  • lack of protein or iron
  • hair-styling

However, the most common type of hair loss, pattern baldness, is genetic and cannot be stopped.

Although genetic hair loss can be prevented, early intervention can be treated with medical therapy. Two medications are FDA-approved for the treatment of male pattern baldness as Propecia and rogaine. Both products work well to slow or stop hair loss and work best for men under age forty who are early on in their hair loss progression.

Hair Loss Shampoo

Certain shampoo can help with hair loss prevention. Nizoral is one well-known shampoo, sold for anti-dandruff properties, and has an active ingredient, ketoconazole, which may be helpful to men experiencing hair loss. As per the study Nizoral help to enhance the hair density as well as size and proportion of anagen follicles.

Another successful hair loss shampoo is Hair Cycle Shampoo as it is physician-formulated for daily use. This shampoo contains all-natural ingredients that are gentle to the hair and scalp. The shampoo helps to get rid of sebum build-up in the hair follicle while infusing the scalp with biotin and essential proteins. Besides, it also contains DHT-inhibitors that best for hair loss prevention in Istanbul.

Vitamins for Hair Loss prevention

Although vitamins cannot be touted as stand-alone hair loss solutions, certain vitamins can help you with suffering for hair loss. The following vitamins/supplements have various benefits:

  • Vitamin B – important for hair growth
  • Biotin – important for hair health
  • Essential fatty acids – improves hair texture and prevents dry, brittle hair
  • Inositol – useful for hair growth
  • Raw thymus glandular – stimulates immune and gland function
  • Vitamin C – improves scalp circulation
  • Vitamin E – improves scalp circulation, enhances immune function for hair health and growth
  • Zinc – stimulates hair growth by enhancing immune function

Hair Restoration Surgery

The only permanent hair loss solution for hair loss prevention in Istanbul is hair restoration surgery at Plasma Medica. We have the expert who can safely transplant the hair follicles from permanent zones of the scalp or body to specific thinning or balding areas using the latest equipment.

If you are trying to get the permanent results for hair loss prevention in Istanbul then you can schedule a consultation today before you jump into any hair restoration treatment.

We would be happy to assist you!!