Both men and women suffer from hair loss and baldness, but what are the causes and what can be done to cure it? We see millions of television ads, internet posts and other advertisements claiming their products as best to combat baldness and help you grow hair again, but how much truth is there to these advertisements and what kind of hair loss can be combated successfully using these types of hair care products and other hair growth aids at advanced hair clinic turkey?

Causes of Hair Loss

Many people are under the impression that they consider baldness is hereditary, and don’t think for its cure, but the advanced hair clinic Turkey will guide you about the truth. There are several reasons for hair loss including medical, environmental, and physiological reasons. Medical conditions such as lupus, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances can lead to baldness in both men and women. Even the environment also has a harsh effect on your hair leading to hair loss. Don’t forget about those harsh hair treatments and hairstyles, bacterial and fungal infections all these factors can also cause significant hair loss, and emotional factors such as stress or depression also bring on the balding pattern so it is crucial to be known to all these factors.

Types of Hair Loss those are treatable

If you are experiencing some alopecia not all hopes are shattered. The majority of hair loss types can be treated, and there are actions you can take to put a stop to baldness and even stimulate new hair growth.

There are various causes for hair loss, and also treatments available to cure it. Based on causes for the balding, the treatment also varies from hair transplants to dietary changes, and sometimes it’s so simple just changing bad habits can help you prevent hair loss.

There are many other treatments and medications available such as creams, ointments, steroid regimens and but most effective of them are the surgical procedures at here at Plasma Medica in case you are satisfied with the wigs and hair weaves. Our experts are well aware of the treatment required depending on the cause of the hair loss as we have many satisfied patients.

In the case of genetic hair loss, the treatment has to get a little more involved. A hair transplant may be the only solution when it comes to considerable hair loss with no underlying medical condition or various factors. Hair transplant involves thousands of healthy hair follicles to root them to the scalp for healthy and natural hair growth and we at Plasma Medica can offer you a great looking head of hair that you would get rid of baldness forever.

Consult expert at advanced hair clinic Turkey

Trying to diagnose and treat hair loss alone is not a good idea and can be annoying and expensive with no guarantee of seeing effective results. Always get the advice from the professional at advanced hair clinic Turkeybefore you think to treat your hair loss, as experienced consultants, such as those at Plasma Medica can advise and diagnose your baldness, guide you on the best suitable treatment and ensure proper care and attention to provide you healthy hair growth on your head.