Hair transplant Chicago offer individual grafts that are permanent, all things on the body are subject to the aging process. The transplanted hair will become finer and can turn gray with time, just as in the back of the scalp. Grafted hair is your own natural hair that will react and with time as other hair on your head.

Best hair transplant Chicago at plasma medica Istanbul

Is hair transplant Chicago the right choice for you?

Hair transplants can be an effective treatment to treat permanent hair loss. But as with any procedure, it’s crucial to discuss your options and potential results with your doctor.

Perhaps, a doctor at Plasma Medica will recommend a hair loss medication as the first step and find what results they achieved within six months.

In most cases, individuals wait until they cross 25 years to undergo a hair transplant Chicago. At that age, the hair loss pattern gets established completely. Younger individuals may require revision if they undergo surgery at an early stage to correct the hair fall out.

Patients with diffuse baldness pattern can be the candidates suitable to undergo hair transplant Chicago, depending on hair distribution. And yet additional treatment might be needed to cover the thinner region of your scalp. People with severe hair loss have to discuss their condition with the surgeons at Plasma Medica and find that whether they can expect complete coverage from a hair transplant. In some cases, the use of the latest techniques can help to restore their hairline and improve their appearance or grooming options.

Recovery Time of a Hair Transplant

It requires a fairly short span of time to recover after the treatment. About a week, you can resume normal routine activities. The transplanted hair will shed with time, but new hair begins to grow in its place from the transplanted follicles. On average, individuals undergoing the hair restoration Chicago can expect to see about 60% new hair growths within 6-9 months at the affected area and about 90-100% around the 12-month mark. Besides, the hair gains thickness in the next 12 months.

A hair transplant can be a permanent solution for hair restoration to your hair loss issues. Plasma Medica at Istanbul offer reliable treatment using the latest techniques and equipment. If you are thinking of undergoing the hair transplant treatment you can visit our clinic at Turkey, we have the skilled and certified doctors that offer great advice and discuss your options. Besides, we also offer dental implant and plastic surgery.