Due to the medical advancements and updates in the technology for scientific techniques, the field of hair transplants Chicago. However, many people are still suffering from the effects of a bad hair transplant cost turkey can lead to unnatural looking hairline along with permanent scarring.

Improperly executed hair transplant Chicago is mainly the outcome of outdated hair restoration procedures or poorly experienced skills. This can outcome in a variety of issues, including:

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  • Pluggy (too large) grafts
  • Hairline too broad
  • Hairline too far forward
  • Hairline askew
  • Unrealistic coverage attempts
  • Ridging
  • Donor area scarring
  • Recipient area scarring
  • Hair wastage
  • Anger, depression, and distrust

How to cure a bad hair transplant? 

With the introduction of advancement in the techniques, Plasma Medica doctors in Chicago offer painless and hassle-free. We have experienced and skilled surgeon that can offer you natural-looking hair, visiting the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. Check out some of the effective ways of repairing your bad hair transplant consists of:


According to the best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, camouflage is the basic technique for repairing a bad hair transplant. During the treatment, unsightly hair grafts are placed in the scalp with smaller follicular units to offer a natural-looking result for hair. However, camouflage is crucial when the hair grafts that need to be eliminated are not too large or not placed very close to the hairline. This treatment can also be performed in combination with other methods for better results.

Plug Removal

In plug removal or plug excision treatment, unnaturally large grafts are eliminated from the recipient area and then distributed into individual follicular units of hair. These follicular units are then re-implanted into the recipient areas at an accurate location. Moreover, the scarred tissues are eliminated along with the removal of grafts that enhances your confidence by boosting your appearance. It is better to avoid high hair transplant cost turkey but instead prefers experienced surgeons.

Combined Repair

In combined repair, large grafts are eliminated and distributed into individual follicular units. The follicular units are then implanted again to the recipients’ area by keeping in consideration the camouflage procedure using the hair from the donor area. This treatment is suitable in case of the large grafts, hair pointing in the wrong direction, or when the grafts are present near the frontal hairline.

Fixing a bad hair transplant is a treatment that requires a surgeon’s skills and expertise to fulfill your expectations of the patients. Therefore, if you have a bad hair transplant Chicago, you must only visit for the hair transplant cost turkey that is in your budget to transform your bad hair transplant and provide you with a natural-looking hairline.