At Plasma Medica we take pride in being one of the best hair transplant and surgery providers in Turkey, Istanbul and Riyadh. Using highest international standards in hair transplant surgery, Plasma Medica promises growth of hair in almost two months’ time.

We have countless satisfied patients who vouch for our professional services not only during the procedure but during the recovery phase too. This makes us the best hair transplant and surgery providers in the region.

Hair loss and its treatment

Millions of people around the globe suffer from the problem of hair loss which can be due to genetics, health conditions, stressful life or some underlying problem. This affects appearance and mental health of the patient, resulting in lower self-esteem.

Hair transplant can get over this roadblock and put you back to your usual self in just a few months’ time after the procedure is performed. In this simple painless procedure, healthy hair sections from other body parts is grafted onto the scalp using the Follicular Unit Extraction method.

Hair transplant

The procedure takes only 7-9 hours, as the surgeons transplant the hair in place with precision. In presence of a local anesthetic the patient just feels a mild discomfort and during that time new hair roots are grafted into the scalp.

The consecutive day, the patient has to visit the clinic again for post-surgery checks. Thereafter, weekly checks are performed to check for any infections or fungal growth in the scalp. After a few weeks the new transplanted hair will start to grow and even shed like original hair. Then they will regrow from the roots for a lifetime without hair fall issues happening again.


Plasma Medica believes in customer satisfaction, that’s why we have full insurance of treatment ensured. Follow-up care after the procedure is also ensured to prevent any infections or queries regarding hair care.