The cost of hair transplantation is important for a patient to decide whether they can afford the treatment bill or not. Since it is both aesthetic and surgical operation, the price for this treatment is very high in most countries. However, the hair transplantation cost Turkey is very little compared to Europe and US.

The patients cannot figure out the cost of operation on their own. Every aspect of hair needs to be analysed in detail. For instance, the specialists have to analyse both the donor area and the receiver area and the amount of hair thinning.

Following are some important factors that determine hair transplantation cost in Turkey:

  •  The first factor is the quality of the hair that an individual has
  •  The number of hair needs to be determined for the patient
  •  The number of hair roots is also determined
  • Another factor determining hair transplantation cost Turkey is the method of treatment
  • The particular charges set by a clinic or hospital where the operation will take place
  • The expertise of the specialist who will make hair transplantation is an effective factor in determining the prices, as well as the success of the procedure
  • Increasing or decreasing demand for hair transplantation also matters a lot in deciding the price
  • The time required for planting new hair to the receiver area also plays an important role in determining hair transplant charges

Hair transplantation cost Turkey depends on different characteristics each year. Due to advancement in technology and changing surgical procedures every year, there are changes in the prices of the treatment. Another thing that you must know is the fact that the hair transplantation charges will keep changing as per to the characteristics of the center and the expertise of the physician who will make hair transplantation.