Beard hair loss is an issue faced almost by every individual at any one period of time. It’s not a consequential medical condition but it can lead to anxiety and sadness.

This is a major issue of concern for people of every age since everyone wants to look beautiful and confident. Thus, some people have started opting for facial hair transplant California.

Let’s find out if this type of surgery can work its way to lead to living a less worrisome life.

What is a facial hair transplant?

As the name indicates, it is simply a facial hair transplant California done to the facial and head hairs. A beard transplant requires the extraction of hair from other bodies such as scalp hair and transplanted into areas that have bald patches in your beard.

These procedures are minimally invasive, it will only take 5 hours and you don’t feel pain. Concisely, one day off from work will is enough to do the job that you have to schedule it beforehand!

How long will a beard hair transplant last?

Beard transplants will last and look natural if done with the right techniques. With two to three weeks of the treatment, in both FUE and FUT. Some may experience hair loss sometimes. It is known as Shock hair loss and is also part of recovery. Don’t worry as new and healthy hair will grow back by three months or in the particular timeframe as advised by the doctor.

How much does a facial hair transplant cost?

The cost of both FUE and FUT procedures may vary due to the nature of both procedures. There are a lot of factors that affect your facial hair transplant California such as duration of surgeries, technicalities, area to be covered, or the density of your beard. All these add up to the expense of the treatment. An FUE hair surgery can be expensive than its FUT counterpart as it requires individual hair excision that demands a professional surgeon. In addition to this, is its time duration of the surgery affects the cost?

However, you shouldn’t choose your treatment based on cost alone. Especially because facial hair transplant California lasts your whole life and a wrong choice of surgery can be critical and cost more than the procedure itself.

Thus it is recommended to choose reliable and experienced surgeons that provide expert results. Many people choose to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery to make them look more beautiful so paying for a facial hair transplant California to solve hair loss issues is justifiable.

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