While many have been adjusting their day to day lives during this wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, interest in the plastic surgery was reduced temporarily dampened.

As per Google Trends, searches like plastic surgery California, liposuction, and breast augmentation reduced during the period of lockdown in the United States, but queries have already rebounded and have increased than in the previous year.

Plastic surgery during a pandemic

Whether you are planning for your first Plastic surgery California, or you’re simply ready to go for another procedure, patients should search for plastic surgeons that follow the highest standards of health and safety for their patients, their staff and themselves. The following minimum standards should be met while you seek your plastic surgery.

To facilitate the safe reopening of clinics, Plasma Medica has provided plastic surgeons with an extensive list of recommendations that will help to make sure everyone stays healthy.

Governmental and regulatory guidelines

Patients should look for the plastic surgeons that follow guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state, and country departments of health, as well as instructions issued by the federal government for ambulatory surgery centre associations.

Safety protocols

You should ensure that your plastic surgeon California, surgical staff, and clinic also adhere to the additional important safety measures, such as the following:

  • Limiting the visits to your clinic by opting for virtual consultations if possible
  • Conducting thorough COVID-19 screenings of staff and patients, consisting of temperature checks, screenings for respiratory symptoms, travel and potential exposure prior you visit your clinic
  • Maintain social distancing instructions by reducing the number of patients that scheduled their clinic visits
  • Eliminating shared space if possible, including waiting rooms
  • Correct use of full personal protective equipment, or PPE, on all staff members
  • Proper protection by covering your face by wearing masks
  • Erecting plexiglass or other shields to maintain distance between the clinic staff and patients
  • Implementing a full deep clean and sanitation between patient visits and complete air exchange in the operating room according to CDC standards for air recirculation

Choosing a plastic surgeon

Patients must work with a board-certified plastic surgeon for plastic surgery in California. All of our surgeons have received comprehensive training in all aspects of plastic surgery, including the face, breast and body.

Furthermore, our plastic surgeon follows the health and safety standards to ensure complete safety.

Optimal surgical environments

Choosing a surgeon with an accredited operating suite offers you extra assurance of, and more control, fulfilling the highest standards of sanitization and sterilization.

Patients will want to seek surgical staff engenders and prioritizes a general culture of health and safety. With the proper support, patients can feel confident their surgical team has their safety in mind so you don’t worry about the unnecessary risks.

Achieve Confidence during COVID-19

Even during COVID-19, it’s possible to book a plastic surgery California with a board-certified surgeon safely who cares about health and happiness, and who is invested in helping you get aesthetic goals.

Choose a plastic surgeon that believes in treating every patient with the latest methods. Plasma Medica experts understand your reason for plastic surgery as it is the best treatment option to fix your flaws. We also know the patient expectations from the treatment and help them enhance your looks and transform your life.

Get in touch with us to discuss your treatment and expectation or to book an appointment now!