What you need to know before your plastic surgery California?

The word plastic meaning is often misunderstood as artificial but actually the word is originated from the ancient Greek word plastikos. It means to mold or give a new form to anything. Plastic surgery is a special type of surgery which involves improvement and reconstruction of person’s appearance. All the tissue or facial defects due to short or long term illness, trauma, or birth disorders are treated by Plastic Surgery California.

Plastic surgery helps to restore or improve function of the damaged tissues and also in appearance. It is a type of surgery that can involve surgery at any part of anatomy, except the central nervous system.

What does plastic surgery include?

Plastic surgery consists of both reconstructive and aesthetic (cosmetic) procedures:

Reconstructive plastic surgery

Basically, reconstructive surgery is performed to treat abnormal body structures that can be caused by any of following.

  • Trauma
  • Infection
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Congenital (present at birth) anomalies
  • Disease
  • Tumors

It is generally done to improve the function and ability, but may also perform to get typical appearance of the affected structures. Reconstructive surgery may have the insurance coverage depending on the specific procedures.

Cosmetic (aesthetic) plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is continuously gaining popularity with 15.1 million cosmetic procedures in USA. You can get cosmetic plastic surgery for almost every part of your body but you have to take decision after getting proper information. It is a permanent decision you should be completely sure before you undergo a plastic surgery California. You have to get right motivation and get an appropriate practitioner.

You need to get counseling before you undergo a surgery as doctor can analyze your problem and find out whether they can be solved by the plastic surgery. It is mostly preferred by people around the world to improve your self-image and confidence.

Facial Plastic Surgery-

The patient gets young appearance as you can opt for aging skin to remove wrinkles, hollow cheeks, jowls and loose skin in the lower face and neck. It is also known as rhytidectomy. It will make your look natural and young by treating the lose elasticity of skin with advanced cosmetic surgery techniques.

Facelifts depends on the choice of individual for how one wants to look. Most of cosmetic procedure for facelift involves removing excess skin or fat and skin tightening as well.

You can get facial plastic surgery for
• Brow Lift
• Chicago Brow lift Surgeons
• Ear Surgery
• Eyelid Surgery
• Facelift
• Rhinoplasty

Breast surgery-

The plastic surgeons at Plasma Medica are experienced in breast surgery in Turkey. It helps women to improve their body contour and enhance their self-confidence by using the most advanced and safest surgical tools and techniques. Breast surgery is typically divided into following depending on the need and choice of patients.

• Breast Augmentation
• Breast lift
• Breast Reconstruction
• Breast Reduction
• Male Breast Reduction

Body Contouring Procedures-

You may feel skinny due to weight loss. But with the surgery you can put on amount of weight you desire. Surgical body contouring can also help you remove excess sagging skin and fat. It leads to improve the shape of the underlying support tissue. It leads to enhance your appearance with smoother contours. At plasma Medica you can opt for weight loss surgery also known as bariatric surgery besides this we offer all the types of surgeries mentioned as follows:

• Arm Lift
• Body Contouring
• Body lift
• Liposuction
• Mommy Makeover
• Thigh lift
• Tummy Tuck

Minimally Invasive Treatment

In minimally invasive surgery, doctors make use of various advanced techniques to operate body with open surgery causing less damage. In addition, the minimal invasive surgery is associated with less pain with short time stay at hospitals and little complication.

• Botox
• Dermabrasion
• Dermal Fillers
• Laser Hair Removal
• Laser Resurfacing
• Latisse
• Microdermabrasion

Is plastic surgery safe?

There are always some levels of risk with all surgical procedures. To reduce the chances of complications, Plasma Medica Istanbul employs some of the region’s top plastic surgeons. In addition to this, you have to follow all the pre and post operative instructions issued by doctor carefully. You also need to consider medical conditions with your doctor prior to your plastic surgery. This will ensure that you are fully prepared for it and you feel secured that your body is appropriately cared for before, during and after surgery.

At what age one can undergo plastic surgery?

The question of plastic surgery is a thorny subject for teens. The people of California, USA can undergo plastic surgery at any age even at teenage, there is no legal restriction. But if you are undergoing for a plastic surgery for patients below age of 18, you requires parents consent. It is the responsibility of parents to help you make right decision for plastic surgery. There is no hard and fast rule for right age for it.

How to prepare for your plastic surgery?

Once you made your decision to get plastic surgery you have to keep in mind few things prior to the procedure. You need to take certain medicines and avoid few medicines, habits to stop and other things to take care. If you need to plan your diet as well as things to do and don’t to get quick recovery. The surgeon will guide you with certain action plans to be followed.

• Stop smoking and drinking carbonated drinks, distilled drinks, tea, wine four weeks prior to your plastic surgery.
• You should consult your surgeon to discuss about the medicines you are taking.
• Take proper diet that should include fruits, vegetables and protein based foods.
• Start taking vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Bromelain, all twice daily, and avoid intake of Vitamin E.
• You need to take proper rest especially complete sleep at night before your plastic surgery.
• Reduce intake of sodium.
• Drink a lot of water.

Doctors who do plastic surgery?

After knowing all the technical information about Plastic surgery it depends on you get a surgeon on the basis of experience and past patient reviews or testimonials.

It is important to select a certified doctor for plastic surgery. If you select a cosmetic plastic surgery in Istanbul, it is necessary to research properly to get experience doctor. Always opt for a well trained professional surgeon for your treatment.

Plastic surgery, which benefit you can get?

It is an often asked and researched question, can plastic surgery improve your health.

• Plastic surgery can improve your self esteem.
• It can result in healthier lifestyle.
• You can get relieve from neck and shoulder pain.
• It leads to reduce the chances of diabetes.
• Plastic surgery improves your breathing and oxygen flow in human body.
• It improves your vision.
• The chances of heart problems are decreased.
• Plastic surgery can improve your self-esteem and life expectancy.

Is plastic surgery covered by insurance?

If you are undergoing for reconstructive purposes, the procedure may be covered by insurance. But in case of cosmetic surgeries, insurance is usually not involved. Your surgeon will help you determine if, and to what extent and insurance will help you for plastic surgery.

Outpatient and inpatient care for Plastic surgery

The major difference between an inpatient and outpatient care is time a patient has to remain in the facility after the procedure.
Patient has to spend at least a night in hospital after the procedure. They remain under the supervision of doctors during the inpatient care. But in case of outpatient care the patient don’t have to spend a night in a hospital. They can freely leave the doctor clinic or hospital once the procedure is completed. Sometimes they need to wait to ensure there aren’t any complications and get rid of anesthesia. Such patients don’t have to spend night in hospitals after plastic surgery California.

You can easily care for your skin at home after the plastic surgery
• You have to baby your skin means you need optimized result for your skin, to heal without discoloration.
• Protect your skin your sun for few days post plastic surgery California.
• Use sun protective creams or lotions by consulting your surgeon.
• Try not to peel or scrub your skin to heal your wounds quickly.
• Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated helps to remove toxins from your body.

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