Are you planning for rhinoplasty surgery? If yes, the surgery will help you achieve aesthetic goals. It’s normal to have questions in your mind about the nose job. Many patients turn to the internet to get answers to their questions. While the digital world has helpful information, certain things only experienced plastic surgeon Turkey that has performed a thorough examination can answer your queries.

How to find you are making the right decision for getting a Nose Job? 

Getting a nose job is a big decision, so you need to find a board-certified facial plastic surgeon Turkey who areexperts in rhinoplasty surgery. You should also ask the surgeon’s past work and experience to verify that he or she has successfully handled rhinoplasty surgery in past.

When Should You Discuss expectations with Your Plastic Surgeon?

Anytime! If you are planning to undergo rhinoplasty surgery then you need to understand the physical and psychological implications that come with the procedure. You should get help from the facial plastic surgeon in Turkey at Plasma Medica if you are concerned with aspects of the surgery or potential results.

What you should bring up to your facial plastic surgeon before the surgery? 

You may have questions for your rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, but there are 5 things you should always discuss during your consultation. This will help you get an exact idea of the results you can get and make the most of your appointment. Below, Plasma Medica goes over the 5 issues you should always discuss during your facial plastic surgeon in Turkey before your rhinoplasty procedure:

Degree of Improvement and Expectations

One of the first things you’ll want to talk to your surgeon about the degree of potential improvement you can think of. Whether you want to reduce a bump or are interested in a crooked nose, it’s crucial to know the degree of improvement to create the right expectations before the surgery.

Functional Aspects

The benefits of a nose job extend beyond aesthetics –when patients also have breathing problems, rhinoplasty surgery should be performed at the period as a septoplasty. All breathing and functional problems should be handled by the surgeon as part of their treatment.

Any Current Health Issues

Ensure you mention any health issues you’re experiencing or medication you’re currently taking. It’s important to discuss the health problems you have with experts.

Type of Procedure 

There are various types of rhinoplasty such as open vs closed procedure- so talk to your plastic surgeon Turkey about the technique that will be used under the procedure’s limitations.

Recovery and Results

Lastly, always talk to your plastic surgeon about the aftercare plan to get a good idea of the recovery process and the timeline for results. Does the plastic surgeon have techniques to reduce swelling and quicken recovery?

Learn more about working with Plasma Medica to improve your nose 

Plasma Medica has the board-certified facial plastic surgeon and nose job specialists in Turkey, so we understand the importance of answering patient concerns before the process. To learn more, contact our office and book a consultation today.