As the stereotypes for the Plastic Surgery Istanbul are slowly being down, a whole new world is opening up for men who value youthful looks. As per the record, more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were done on men in 2016, however, this is only 8% of the total number of procedures performed. Men still hesitate to undergo cosmetic surgery, often due to the lack of proper information. To eradicate the fear, there are five things every man should know from experts at Plasma Medica about the plastic surgery before they schedule their first aesthetic consultation:

Get best treatment for facial plastic surgery.

Procedure for plastic surgery tailored differently for men and women

The desired results from most of the plastic surgery treatments can be similar for both men and women. However, the theory or the use of the techniques involved in Plastic Surgery Istanbul can vary. As the body type of men differs from women. Each gender has unique features, skin type, thickness, pore size, as well as body fat. To make the male cosmetic surgery successful, the focus is to create and retain masculine features that may be more prominent than those of women. It is essential that men trust in a surgeon who is both certified and experienced performed plastic surgery techniques. A skilled surgeon will keep their male plastic surgery procedures conservative for a youthful appearance.

No replacement for Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery does not replace a healthy diet and regular exercise. Body Contouring methods like liposuction or abdominoplasty are brilliant techniques to restore a taut offering smooth physique. Liposuction will eradicate the isolated areas with fatty tissues, which for men mean their chest or even their lower back. A tummy tuck will rid of unwanted abdominal fat and lax skin. However, without a healthy lifestyle, the surgical outcome can fade. Additionally, losing or gaining a large amount of weight can expose the benefit of surgery.

Take rest after plastic surgery

No one wants to be a command to recover after surgery, especially men. However, for the first several days after a plastic surgery procedure are crucial for healing. On the basis of the procedure performed, men may need to take a few days or a few weeks off from work. The more invasive the procedure, require more time off.  Going back to work can increase the risk of serious complications, as well as undoing the benefits of Plastic Surgery Istanbul. During each follow-up appointment, the surgeon will guide you about resuming physical activities.

Boost your appearance with Noninvasive techniques

Not everyone is ready for the cost or recovery linked with a surgical procedure. There are a large number of non-surgical methods that offer significant results, hold fewer risks and require no downtime. These techniques can help you smooth wrinkles, add definition to the facial features, improve complexion and even remove fat. Some of the popular noninvasive methods for men consist of Botox, chemical peels and CoolSculpting.

Right surgeon can make a difference

Men should start their aesthetic journey by researching the techniques and skilled doctors. A board-certified plastic surgeon, experienced in male cosmetic procedures, is the best way to make sure you get a youthful appearance. Schedule a consultation to find out more about treatment optionswith our experts. Plasma Medica offers reliable treatment for Plastic Surgery Istanbul, dental implants, as well as other treatment for hair transplantation, cost Turkey at low cost.

Get in touch with our experts to discuss your various surgery plans & expectations from it. Our experts love to hear your concerns and help you offer a reliable answer to your queries!