The advents of science have really come a long way in ensuring that we all get to live a comfortable life. This is in terms of adjusting facts about our appearance that may not be so satisfactory to us. Breast surgery in Istanbul is one such an advent. Let’s look at the options this nifty treatment offers.

Breast Augmentation

In simple terms, this refers to the procedure done to increase the size of the breasts. This is executed by the use of implants which are put inside the breast muscle. The procedure involves the formation of a pocket in the middle of the breast to create room for the implant. Once the implant is securely placed, the doctor then stitchesup the incision and bandage it up to wait for the healing process to kick in.
Now for the most part, breast augmentation is chosen by women who want to improve the way their breast look. However, in some cases, breast augmentation is chosen to restore a breast damaged by such ailments as cancer.

Breast reduction

Now this form of breast surgery Istanbul is the opposite of a breast augmentation procedure. As the name suggests, breast reduction is a procedure aimed at reducing the size of a breast. This particular procedure cuts across both genders. The procedure simply involves the removal of all extra fat in the gland so that the breast ends up a size proportionate to the patient’s body. The main reason why people go for this breast surgery Istanbul procedure is to do away with the discomfort of having oversized breasts that cause backaches.

Where to have breast surgery Istanbul done

First of all, allow me to state that though the above are the two main reasons, people also go for breast surgery to raise their breasts as well as to simply have the shape reconstructed. This besides, you can have your breast surgery done by a number of professionals in Istanbul.