Thinking to undergo hair transplant ChicagoAre you confused will you get reliable results? In outlining the percentage of successful hair transplants, it is the most important factor that defines what the term” success might indicate about the hair transplant cost. After all, a transplant in which only a few fractions of the transplanted follicles fall to grow in could be considered a technical success, but it is hardly fair to think such a transplant to be successful if the client is not satisfied with the results or otherwise in keeping with their pre-transplant hair restoration goals.

To find the success rate of the hair transplant Chicago, it is important to take into account the client’s satisfaction with the procedure, hair transplant cost as well as the total percentage of the transplanted follicles successfully harvested from the donor site and transplanted to the recipient site. Ultimately, Plasma Medica has experienced hair transplant doctor that believe it is the patient’s opinion of the result which matters.

Factors affecting success percentage of hair transplant

Certain factors affect the success rate that includes the doctor’s skill level and experience to the technology available for the hair transplant Chicago. Besides even the hair transplant cost also affect the success rate as it depends even ion the budget of the patient for which procedure he wants to consider for the hair transplant.

A reputed doctor can cite a success rate very close to 100 percent, which is only possible when the doctor and patient have a thorough conversation to develop a plan and determine a hair restoration strategy based on the uniquely specific requirements of the individual patient.

What experts think for a success rate of a hair transplant?

The majority of reputable hair transplant doctors consider 90 percent to be the lowest acceptable threshold in terms of follicle percentage that become a permanent part of the patient’s hairline after the transplant procedure. But 95 %to 98 % is considered as the ideal range. This success percentage increases depending on the detail-oriented approach for the hair transplant procedure.

For a Follicular Unit Transplant, the expert professionals can transplant the follicular grafts to the recipient site between 95 and 98 percent and even in some cases, the procedure has a 100 percent success rate.

The FUE procedure consumes time due as individual follicular units are removed from the donor site and each one is transplanted into the recipient site. When the appropriate volume of follicular units is transplanted it results in a 100% success rate. However, in reality, the yield is generally less like a comparison to the FUT technique.

No matter which process you choose for your hair transplantation in Turkey you can expect a very positive outcome and an incredibly high success rate with expert doctors at Plasma Medica. We have a skilled team of doctors who can guide you best about the procedure or technique suitable for you with low hair transplant cost Turkey. Clients from Chicago, California, Michigan, Texas and across the USA visit our clinic for reliable hair transplant services. You can visit our clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey we are helping people restore their confidence.

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