It’s no secret that obesity results in health risks. Not only are everyday tasks are daunting for obese persons, but also obesity itself increases in getting deadly diseases. Most people know about the link between obesity and type 2 diabetes, but diabetes isn’t only a thing that obese people need to concern themselves.

Fortunately, bariatric surgery is a great option for not only losing weight but also reduce the risk of developing certain conditions. Best of all, many Obesity Surgery Istanbul can help you overcome the obesity-related conditions that have gone into remission or even disappeared completely, regardless of actual weight loss!

So what are these issues and how they are related to obesity and what can Obesity Surgery Istanbul do for patients who are dealing with them? Let’s find out.

Health Problems Caused By Obesity

Joint pain

Heavy body weight can put more pressure on the joint while you move. The pressure leads to joint pain due to cartilage in the joint wearing down. Joint pain can get worse where the patient is completely unable to walk or has to rely on the mobility carts to move.

Difficulty in breathing

Excess fat tissue can affect the internal organs, making functions more difficult. The lungs also feel the same effect. Although the lungs are protected by the rib cage, they’re not safe if they feel pressure on them by visceral fat tissue.

Sleep disorders

Obese people are more likely to get affected by sleep disorders due to the accumulation of fat around the neck. This fat puts build pressure on and can block the airway during sleep. The result is sleep apnea, which is best treated by sleeping with a CPAP machine.

Diseases Associated With Obesity

High blood pressure

Several studies show obesity affects blood pressure levels. Even evidence proves that obesity increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. High blood pressure results in serious cardiac events that eventually lead to death.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Type 2 diabetes is probably well-known comorbidity. It is often caused by cells when they become more resistant to insulin. Insulin is a crucial compound in the body that regulates glucose, an important part of an organic chemical reaction. It controls the blood glucose level and if the cells become resistant to the insulin so blood glucose level is harder to control. Fat cells have shown that they are insulin sensitive and thereafter result in type 2 diabetes.

How does Obesity Surgery Istanbul help?

Obesity Surgery Istanbul like gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, lap-band &orbera balloon surgery changes the individual digestive system to do two things: lessen a patient’s proclivity to eat and prevent a patient’s ability to digest food at a time. It leads to dramatic weight loss in a majority of patients.

This weight loss, when performed in a controlled environment under the supervision of doctors can have wonderful benefits. Patients report that after the Obesity Surgery Istanbul being able to walk again, overcoming the sleep apnea, and have been able to get rid of those blood pressure medications!

For many patients, bariatric surgery Istanbul is the last resort. A severely obese (BMI of 35+) person in their 40s doesn’t have a good prognosis for the future. Many Obesity Surgery Istanbul patients decide to take this approach as it’s a life or death situation.

Who can help you?

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